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Tuesday, 24 April 2012
1:05 am

Hey! Sorry, I know it's been awhile now I don't update my blog. In fact, I have some trouble with it. My acer laptop just went down and now I'm stuck with this tiny puny notebook. It's suck and I'm telling you that! If you ever wanna buy a laptop, don't buy the small one, buy the big one instead. Much more better than the smaller one. Yeah I know, it's more cheaper and more lighter but trust me, the screen, the brightness and the font size is a lot more smaller if compare to the original one.

Okay, enough with that, just let's skip that part 'cause that is not my point now. Well, read the tittle already? Yeah, it's true alright.
 I addicted with another new song called Somebody That I used to know by Goyte. There, at below, I include the video. Try to click on play if you want to. 

Yeah I know, the video is kinda weird but seriously, I love it a lot! It's my favorite for now!  

Angelene Bong
Born and raised in a city called Kuching. (Land of Borneo) I have mixed blood in me, my dad is pure Chinese and my mom is pure Bidayuh. 163cm tall with the weight of 73.3kg.


"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"