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Monday, 2 April 2012
11:47 pm

(1)  Eye contact.  Men are very visual creatures.  Look him in the eye when you are "jerking him off".  Have the look in your eyes that you really enjoy what you are doing and you are doing it to please him.  Eye contact is VERY erotic and will achieve excellent results.

(2)  Talk to him.  Don't be shy and quite.  Of course you want to speak softly, but tell him how much you like what you are doing.  Tell him that his hard cock feels good in your hands.  Tell him that you want him to cum for you.  Tell him where you want him to cum (on your face, on your chest, on your stomach).  Again, don't be shy.  Open up.

(3)  Position.  The closer your face is to his cock, the more erotic it becomes.  Remember, he is watching you.  You don't have to put it in your mouth, but get it close to your face.

(4)  Lubrication.  Keep his cock wet.  Nothing is better to keep him lubricated than your spit.  It doesn't matter if you spit on your hand or spit directly on his cock.  Your spit mixed with his pre-cum with create an excellent lubricant.

(5)  The right grip for the right time.  It's tricky to know when you should use the right grip.  From the beginning you should use a "whole hand" grip.  Don't squeeze too tight, just enough that you are apply enough pressure.  Making sure he is well lubricated is key to prevent friction burns (which can be a real turn off).  When he is good and hard, you can go to the "OK grip" which is just like signaling OK to a friend (index or middle finger joined with the thumb to form a circle).  The "ok grip" is really good for the faster strokes to get him to cum.

(6)  Don't forget about his balls.  Be gentle, of course.  But don't forget about his balls.  You can gently massage his balls at the same time you are stroking his cock and this will really increase his pleasure.  You can also use the "ok grip" to encircle his sack while using your other hand to stroke his cock, applying alternating pressure on his sack (sort of a pumping action.... squeeze, release, squeeze, release).

(7)  Anal stimulation.  If he isn't against it, finger his anus a bit.  Most guys thing that ejaculating is having an orgasm.  Sorry, but not true.  Ejaculating is ejaculating.  An orgasm is something that rocks the entire body and curls the toes.  Many men go their whole life without having one and don't know what they are missing.  The easiest and best way to produce the male orgasm is by prostate massage.  The only way to do that is by sliding a finger (well lubricated) inside his anus.  Not too deep, but an entire finger length without pushing deeper will do the trick.  Now, most guys will shy away from this because they think "anal sex = homosexuality".  Sorry, not true.  The anus and prostate of a male is a highly erogenous area and can produce extreme pleasure.  Don't be afraid to experiment here.  Just slide a finger down and start with a light tickle.  If he responds well, continue and see how far he will let you go.

(8)  Ejaculation.  How the guy ejaculates pretty much sets the stage for future handjobs from you.  Make his ejaculation as erotic as possible.  Let him cum on you, if you don't mind it.  Guys, being visual creatures, love to see their cum on a woman.  If you are strictly doing handjobs and nothing oral, I suggest not letting him cum on your face.  But this leaves anywhere from your waist to your neck as free range.  Nothing is sexier for a guy than being able to shoot his cum on a woman.  Let him shoot on your stomach for starters.  It will be great for him and most definitely a turn on for you too.

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