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Monday, 24 December 2012
12:34 pm

Well, last night was a surprise indeed. I have a blast. I mean, we all have a blast last night. Me with all of my friends. Last night event wasn't being plan. We randomly do whatever we want. But some of us still under parents control, so at the end I need to rush things up to drive them home before 8pm. Still, last night is so awesome! I was plan to visit Plaza Merdeka Mall but at the end I headed to the beach with my other friends that I know from Facebook. I knew him for such a long time. I never thought that I would meet him and spend a day with him and his friends. Seriously, this wasn't unexpected. I kidnaped my friends and drove them to a place that I don't even knew very well. We almost lost but still can find our way home at the end. Thank God indeed. :D

It all started at 11 o'clock in the morning. I was fetching all of my friends first. It almost take an hour to fetch them. But anyway, I'm happy that they finally on board at last. Then we headed to The Spring to meet my other friend. A friend that I knew for such a long time on Facebook and we meet for the very first time yesterday. He invite me to join him. So I did. We went to beach. We have fun at the beach. But the most important thing is, photographing time! :D

This is our group photo. All of us. We ask other people to help us take our picture. From the left, pink dress me of course, second left was Christina, Ben, Carmillius, Az, Haikal, Azizan and last my girlfriend on the top Haziqah, she was standing on the rock. That's explain why she so tall. :D

We went to 2 different beaches, last we went to waterfall and finally, we have our bath with our cloths on. We didn't plan that. In fact, we don't have our spare cloths. So plan B, just use our wet cloth on our way back home. Insane right? But still, we have fun!

Some of us wasn't in this pictures. They all are hiding, I guess. Or camera shy. :) This was taken at Damai beach resort. This is where my dress was half wet. Too excited with the water actually.

Our last destination, at waterfall around Santubong. The picture? hmm, private. I was naked and I am so not gonna show it at here. I take off my dress and dip myself with underwear. At first I was shy but at end not anymore. I was enjoy until the fullest. :D There are more pictures of us, 227 pictures in sum. but not like I'm gonna upload everything on here right? I have my privacy okay? Especially at our last destination. Hahahaha. Wearing underwear? I am so embarrassing whenever I think of that moment. :D But nah, not always right? Once in a blue moon. ;) But still, get naked in front of the people that I just meet? Hahahaha. So uncool man! You need all the guts to get naked. :D But seriously last night was a blast. We have been through a lot. We almost got hit, I blame myself for not focusing on the road, we got lost, we prank each other, tease each other, play with each other, taking photo together and last, we have FUN and ENJOY! :D

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