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Thursday, 14 January 2016
8:45 am

Hey, it's January! (obviously) I know it's kind of late saying that but I'm still going to say it. Why? Because I wanted to. Duh. Okay, Cut to the chase, I'm here just wanna share my new workouts routine for January. Yeay January! I always change my routine from month to month. Don't always catch up with same old routine 'cause it's bad for you. Seriously, you need to change or always challenge yourself to a whole new level so that your body won't get used with your workouts. Or else your hard work means nothing. (As if I was doing any progress too.) But my goal was not to get thin, my real goal is to get more stronger and more healthy than before. That's my main focus.

 I found this on Pinterest for quite a long time now but never intend to use it until this month. So why not? Different workouts on different day. So a must try workouts for sure! May all the fats burn with you. Wait what? I sounds like Jennifer Lawrence. Mocking Jay! If we burn, you burn with us! Let's kill that fats!

This is what I will never wanna miss. Why? Because I want that slim, sexy and toned arms of course! That's my main goal! Woman with arms muscle is so sexy you know! Like seriously! I always admire my mom's toned arms but now I want my very own slim, sexy and toned arms instead. So dumbbells will be my best friends from now on. Actually, I started arm workouts since last month, now I change my routine to a whole new level, and trust me, this time is hard since I only managed to do ONE set only and my arms just can't stop shaking. But it's okay, it's only the beginning. So, fighing!

Angelene Bong
Born and raised in a city called Kuching. (Land of Borneo) I have mixed blood in me, my dad is pure Chinese and my mom is pure Bidayuh. 163cm tall with the weight of 73.3kg.


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