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Sunday, 21 February 2016
5:14 pm

The day has come for Colour Rush Run 4.0 but everything happened are totally opposite from what I have expected. Hmm, so kind of disappointed plus frustrated since the run is cancel due to rain. What a shame though. I was so excited to start my year with this 5k run but at the end, I only get two rounds of walking at Padang Merdeka. Idk if I should be happy or not. Anyway, it's a charity run after all. You help kids outrage cancer.

The moment I arrived there, it was still raining so I just have to wear rain coat since I already prepared one. Oh ya, they even giving free tutu to everyone. So as usual, I always pick pink. Pink is my favourite colour.

This year is quite different from last year. No throwing colours dust to us instead they throw a confetti party. Oh okay, each year have different theme, I guess.

Everyone is cheering and some are fighting over that confetti and Idk why. Some kids, run over towards me and cheering for confetti like a crazy maniac. I guess they are enjoying it a lot.

After walking for two rounds and I got my headband. Normally I got medal but for colour rush, it's different. Speaking about walking, I actually run for two rounds out of frustration, not walking, I ran. Oh well. At the end, I still have that smiling face on me. Just need to remember that this is only a Charity run to help those kids outrage cancer. Always bare that in mind.

Angelene Bong
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