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Friday, 3 February 2012
3:09 am

Today I decided to change my blog tittle from 'There's something behind a smile' to 'Sparks fly whenever you smile'. Well, I bet you might wonder why I changed it. Maybe it just something had changed or maybe I in love with this one song called 'Spark fly'. And yeah, You are listening to it right now. I really do love that song a lot. Maybe it's mean so much to me or just that there's really a sparks fly whenever you smile.

Hey Valentine, if you ever reading this, please smile always okay? No more with the long face or sad or moody or anything that are negative. Just smile and stay happy always, and yeah, there's really a spark fly whenever you smile. So hubby, keep on smiling and make the sparks fly for forever. I LOVE YOU, VALENTINE!

And one more thing, I am so glad that you came to my house yesterday. I may a bit shy when you around and don't talk so much like you do. But just give me some time to get rid the shyness okay? I wanna talk freely with you and act as a very best friend. But yeah, I'm just too shy for doing that. But not for long, that just a temporary. Someday, somehow I will change.

And Valentine, while you doing your homework, my head went blank and forgot how to do or solve your maths question. Really. Maybe I just get so nervous while you around or maybe I just too shy? Possible. Who knows right?

Angelene Bong
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