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Saturday, 17 March 2012
2:53 am

I'm kinda sneaky when it comes to his stuff. Every time I get to know his password for certain social network, all I gonna to do was trying to hack his account and seeking for something fishy. hahahaha. That's my habit though. Sometimes it may cause so much jealousy but now that's not a problem to me anymore. I trust him. 100% trusted on him. He love me and that's all the matter. 

Everyone have a blog, so do him. Except for, his blog is kinda messy. hahahaha. Sorry hubby if I said your blog is kinda messy, just that your blog don't look so interesting and make me so so so so uncomfortable with it. Then I decide to customize your blog to a whole new look. Hehehehehe. Who knows your password was so easy to guess. Lucky me. There, when I log in to your blog, my hand just can't stop what have I started on the first place. It took a whole night to customize your blog. 

At first the result was kinda, hmmm. Too girly! Hahahaha! Then I took my second tried. Seriously, it's hard than you think it was. Boy's taste and girl's taste were just too different. So my second tried, fail! Again. Huhuhuhuhu. I used fall season theme but that just not suit for him at all. Arghhh!

But it won't stop me at all, so I tried for the third time. So much brain storming before start doing my job. But at the end, it went well. I used fire theme. I guess that theme just suit him a lot. He was so energize and spirited guy and a guy that never learn how to give up like a flame that never stop burning. See the connection? I think my third tried was a totally success but I can't guaranteeing that yet. I need to ask his opinion first. If he like it, the credit will all given to me, but if not, I think I need to do some research on boy's taste and style. Just wish me luck then.

Click here if wanna see my creation of his blog, do follow him as well, okay? 

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