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Thursday, 15 March 2012
11:44 pm

Oh I love today! A lot! Seriously, I freaking in love with today! Hahahahahaha! And I so damn in good mood right now! Everything went so well except for the beginning. Me and him have a tiny little problem. But luckily, we end up doing just fine. Actually, I don't do anything to cheer him up. I just use my laughter to make him smile and it's worked!

Well, it all happened on this morning. As usuall, we have some conversation after I woke up from my sleep. Then suddenly, something that I mentioned to him make him fucking mad and I felt so sorry to bring it up to him. It's about that guy, a player, a sweet talker and my man fucking hate him damn much! And that's how our crisis came out. He went to my house all of the sudden, and I was like, ''Gosh! Why now?! I haven't take my bath yet. Then I rush to my bathroom and take my bath.  

After I done with my bath, I was trying to find my cloths but got no where to find so I have to where that same old cloths for over and over again. I saw him, at my house, at front yard. With that mad face and I was so scare to approach him. Well, you know, I got that past, where my ex always beating me up whenever he get mad. Seriously, I kinda phobia when my man was getting mad. It's really freaking me out. Seriously . I tried to talk to him but all he gave to me was sign language so I just gonna keep myself shut until that moment he started to talk with me. Then I was like, ''Yes! Finally!''. At first it's kinda awkward. I keep on replying for what he trying to say. And yes, we were communicating and it's worked! And all of the sudden, he pulled my hand and put on his bracelet on my hand then gave away my hand back. Then this happen, he was checking on my feet. It's kinda awkward and I was like, what was he doing? I don't want to question him because I just scare to make a sound when he in mad condition a.k.a. hulk. Hahaha! But not for long! He turn to his old self back in no time! Yeayyyyy! What a happy couple we are!

Then we have lunch together. Trust me, he ate a lot and I was like huh? hahahaha! But I know him so well, he just need all of the energy and protein for his bodybuilding carrier. He eating too much? Not a problem to me anymore. We cleaned up together after taking lunch. He looked at my kitchen, take a tour to my backyard. Discover my dad's old car tyre and trying to lift it up but unfortunately, fail. hehehehehe. But no worry, he will lift it up someday with just one hand! We will see about that! 

And guess what, I go on for a date with him! Again, together. Seriously, I love today. We were having so much fun! But the weather was kinda annoying. Rainy. But we still having fun. At first we where heading to his house because he wanna get change and take some raincoat. He kinda moody after we head out from his house and I tried to cheer him up and yes, it's worked! We went to both Kuching Sentral and Boulevard to find that cabbage. Hahahahaha. But at least we spend our time together. I love him, it's was my first time treat my boy friend just like a best friend. That's a new thing to me. Well, what can I say, he is my lover, my soul mate, my best friend and my everything! I saw he doing some weight lifting workout at Boulevard shopping mall. And there!, it's amazed me a lot! Wow! Can't believe that my man was so strong. Valentine, you forever will be my superman. You're mind forever! Oh ya, one more thing, that moment, where he and I in the fitting room together. Hahahahaha. Don't think negative. We don't do anything, I just checking on him with that shirt! Wanna see the picture?
There, see it. hehehehehe. That was me with that fat tummy and my superman!

Awww! He was damn hot in that photo! Seriously! It's make my melts so well. See my melting heart? hahahahaha. I love it and most of all I love him! I love Valentine! Lastly, before we heading home, we were having some early dinner at Boulevard.
See our faces. The face full of joy! And yeah, he looks so freaking cute in that photo! Awwww! Make me wanna pinch his cheek real hard. I love you Valentine. Thank you for today. Will always treasure this moment in my heart. Promise.

Angelene Bong
Born and raised in a city called Kuching. (Land of Borneo) I have mixed blood in me, my dad is pure Chinese and my mom is pure Bidayuh. 163cm tall with the weight of 73.3kg.


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