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Thursday, 12 April 2012
4:38 pm

Well, we all know that this year gonna be the world end as predicted. And us? All doom! No! At first, I really don't believe with this kind of crab but since everything went wrong like earthquake of 8.8 magnitude at Sumatera, Indonesia. I just don't know which to believe and which to not. But seriously, that earthquake scale, I really have no idea how large is the earthquake was. Hmm, maybe I should learn more about it in my physics book.  After all, I get grade D for physics in my O-level.

See the photo above? I took it from Facebook. Then I heard that The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center listed our country (as shown on the photo above) might be in risk with tsunami, yeah I mean Malaysia!! Oh my! That was more terrify than Paranormal Activity that I ever watched. But the center said it was not yet known whether a tsunami had been generated, but advised authorities to take appropriate action.

Hmm, seriously, I really hope, really wish, really want this thing never happen at all. Look at us? We still young! Still got many things haven't accomplish yet. This thing really scare me out and yet we can't do anything about it. Pray is all we have now, hopefully God listen to us. Yeah I know, I may not be the religious type of person who don't know how to pray and don't know how to worship Him but one thing for sure, I do trust in Him.

Angelene Bong
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