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Thursday, 12 April 2012
8:49 pm

I bet everyone have their own social network profile, right? For example, Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is the most common social network and website launched in February 2004. Facebook now have 845 million active users from around the world. Not just in Malaysia but Singapore, America, Austria, Norway, Indonesia, Korea and so much more! Same goes with twitter, except for I don't know when it first launched. Nah, who cares.
Just straight to my point, shall we?  

See there? That's my 6th or 7th Facebook account, I guess. Can't remember very well.  I know right! I have so many FB account in the past but they all hack by my ex and he change my password for good. Trust me, it's kinda a long story and I don't wanna talk about it.  Just forget about the past, shall we? Okay, good! Well, the fact is, I love using Timeline and you know why? See my cover! That's the main reason why I love Timeline! Wait until you see my twitter, my background all covered by his cute charming face! Aw, he make me fall in love with him like almost everyday! 

There, see it? My twitter account! Told you so! I just love my background, it keep me alive when I'm tweeting. So many lovable thoughts in my head that I wanna share with everyone. Well, twitter is the best place to share all of your thoughts where people don't get envy or think you crazy for tweeting too much of stuff. Believe me, it's true alright. But when it comes to Facebook, there will always got that one person who never agree or totally get annoy by what we post or what we share. True? So damn true! 

Angelene Bong
Born and raised in a city called Kuching. (Land of Borneo) I have mixed blood in me, my dad is pure Chinese and my mom is pure Bidayuh. 163cm tall with the weight of 73.3kg.


"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"