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Tuesday, 10 April 2012
12:22 am

Hahahahahaha! Guess what? My man was came over to my house this afternoon today! Oh my! Today was so fantastic! Well, at first we watched wrestlemania that he bought yesterday, I guess. Not really know about that though. Meanwhile, he was busy playing my sister's Rubik Cube. Aw, he really love that cube a lot and today he managed to solve one surface! Hip hip Hoooraaayyyyyy! I am so proud of you my love. And we take our lunch together too! But no special menu for today 'cause my mom was in headache and cannot cook a very good meal. How sad. But anyway, I just hope her get well soon. Oh Lord, hear my pray, may good health befall on her. Amen. 
After finished our lunch, we continued to watch the wrestlemania and now I knew how John Cena defeated by The Rock. He was careless and look down on The Rock at the very end. Hmm, what a shame. He was doing great in the ring but yeah... Maybe just not his luck though. John Cena, please never give up, just rise above hate. You will win over him someday!  Then, after finished watched the wrestlemania, my man was checking out my facebook account, I don't know why but I just let him be. He get bored for all of the sudden, then I asked him to visit on the link where we can design our very own t-shirt. And yes, we enjoyed doing it!  Soon he get bored and again, so we just decided to hang out at my front yard, on the sofa. There was something happened there and I am not gonna share it on here and yes, that was indeed a very amazing moment for me. At the end, I asked him to play outside, I wanna play with his motorcycle. Seriously! That was my second time ride on a motorcycle! I was enjoyed ride on it, just that I get too shy whenever he was around. In fact, he was sitting at my back and giving me a balance and yes, I don't know how to balance the motorcycle. It was too heavy Way hard than riding a bicycle where bicycle don't have gear and motorcycle do and I am very weak on that part. T.T But no worry, someday I will master everything for sure. Just that I need a lot of practice. After all, practice make perfect. How I wish I have more time with him today. I still wanna 'play' with his motorcycle. Hahahahahahaha! So childish I was. But seriously, it was fun! No wonder many girls who younger than me can ride on motorcycle very well than me. Including that bitch, so called 'best friend'. I hate her. Such a show off.

Oh ya, one more thing I forgot to mention, my man was giving me a bracelet and yes, this was the second bracelet he gave to me. 

See it? I am totally loved it! Oh thanks hubby! Gonna treasure it forever! I promised.

Angelene Bong
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