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Saturday, 14 April 2012
6:38 pm

I do! I still remember Pichi Pichi Pitch! They used to be my favorite anime show back then and Sara was my favorite character. Who Sara? You don't know her? Nah, it's okay. This time I'm gonna write all about Sara here. I just make it simple, Sara was used to be a cheerful orange mermaid princess who in love with a human named Taro but her parents totally against with it and ask Taro to leave her but Sara can't accept the fact that Taro had abandoned her (not actually his will but her parents keep on insisted). Sara can't control her emotion and produce a wave of power and destroying her own kingdom. Then Sara join Gakcto (The evil sea villian) in his quest to take over the marine world after an incident bestowed her a dark power, turning her orange hair and orange pearl to pitch black except for her eye.

See, you know why I love Sara although she turn bad? Well, it isn't really her fault. She just can't accept the fact she losing someone who was so precious to her like her life really depends on it. And there is one song that she love to sing when she fight for battle. It's my favorite song after all!

You can click on play if you want to. For me, it's the best! I can feel her sadness through the song. Yeah I know, it's just an anime or cartoon and don't represent a real thing but excuse me, I love her and I love anime. Don't like it, just deal with it okay? Anyway, you can click on this link if you really curious about the song's meaning. Don't worry, it got English translation. http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/mermaidmelody/returntothesea.htm.

But Sara gain her true color once she turn good. At the end she decides to join the other mermaid as is her duty. She and herself seals the gate of Gakuto's Castle because she's the one who unsealed it on the first place after her kingdom was destroyed. Sara followed Gakto once the Aqua Regina seals the gate because Sara loves him and she realizes that he was the one that needs her the most and what he did was partly out of love and just wanna to make her happy.

Aw, how sweet! That is what I call love. Love indeed a powerful thing. We turn bad because of love and we turn good because of love. But really, the choice is in your hand either want to become good or evil.

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