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Thursday, 3 May 2012
3:14 pm

Holla everyone! Hehehehe. Yeah I know, it's been awhile now I don't update my blog. Kinda busy with my school stuff plus virus strike my lappy and it's hard for me to do anything. Bad is it?   Hahahaha. It's okay, all of that happen in the month of April and now it's May! New journey has just begin! I really miss with blog walking and updating my blog. So here I am once again! Do the stuff that I miss with. It's feel so good for having my life back. My social life in network!

And guess what, I always have this uneasy feeling since I have that offer to go for form 6 at SMK Sungai Tapang. I seriously hate that school. You know why? Well, the principal is kinda annoying. I ask for school transfer and he against everything of what I have just say. See? I haven't finish my words and yet he cut my line like he is the boss there. And guess what? My tears almost fall in public. I try to hold but it's too much to take. Then at the end, I officially dislike the principal of SMK Sungai Tapang. I prefer St. Thomas better. The teachers are a lot more better plus friendly too. I really can't wait for the day that I leave the school and move on to St. Thomas where my man study there. And for your information, St. Thomas also where my dad study at. You can say that I wanna follow his footstep to become a successful woman just like my dad! Yeah!

But there is something that I'm worry about, the school uniform. I can't waste my money to buy two different kind of uniform. Tapang wear peach shirt, black skirt and black shoe while St. Thomas wear white shirt, blue skirt and white shoe. Seriously, it cost a fortune to buy those lousy uniform. Wish I can transfer to St. Thomas as soon as possible so that I won't buy my school uniform twice.  But what I can say? The principal don't want to sign my transfer application form. So that's mean I have to wait for the next try. Good luck for me then.

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