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Thursday, 31 May 2012
10:03 am

Can't believe myself that I'm sick during holiday season. Seriously, it's fucking suck. I have running nose here make me so hard to breath and sleep. For example, last night I barely able to sleep just because of this damn flu! I keep on awake in middle of the night. Jeez, how I wish I can get better by today. No more with the sickness 'cause I fucking hate it! No one like it right? No one want to be sick. Or maybe today is just my unlucky day, have this kind of disease on a very special day. Luckily I don't celebrate gawai, much more better in that way of course. Hohohohohoho. 

By the way, I'm gonna miss my man soon! He went back to his hometown to celebrate gawai. How I wish I can come along but too bad we are not related yet. Just with the boy friend and girl friend relationship. Hehehehehe. But it's okay, someday or somehow... who knows what will happen right? So just wait and see till then.

Angelene Bong
Born and raised in a city called Kuching. (Land of Borneo) I have mixed blood in me, my dad is pure Chinese and my mom is pure Bidayuh. 163cm tall with the weight of 73.3kg.


"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"