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Saturday, 9 June 2012
12:42 am

Well at first, it's kinda awkward because seriously it was my first try. Haha! But anyway, just wish me luck okay? I will put some detail at below. Read it will you? 

See the photo above? Well, it's a segment who held by Amer Corner. I don't know who is that but if you wanna find out more details about the segment, just click on his name okay? Simple right? And rules are rules. FOLLOW and  LIKE MasterZuheir FIRST if you wanna join this segment (compulsory) because he is our sponsor guy.

So far I'm having 69 followers. Not much. So I guess I'm gonna try some of my luck here!

Now I'm gonna explain what is the segment about. It's about helping others to gain their followers with instant way! Don't believe it? Try me. Simple. It won't cause you any trouble. I promise. But you need to act fast 'cause the expired date is on 30 JUNE 2012! So hurry up guys! 

Hadiah-hadiah untuk peserta yang mengumpul paling banyak followers:
Tiga peserta pilih:
1. Domain for one year. 
2. Topup RM10 
3. Topup RM10  
Ada hadiah untuk peserta paling sportingCiri-ciri peserta paling sporting (Hadiahnya adalah domain for one year)
# banyak referral ke blog amercorner (bukan top) 
# menyediakan bloglist teamfollowback 
# meletakkan button teamfollowback dekat sidebar 
# follow banyak/hampir semua peserta 

  1. Crafty Nieya
  2. Valentine
  3. Uncle
  4. Wan Hazel
  5. Cik Nanard
p/s: my comment entry just won't come out. I tried the setting and still no luck. So just kindly put your comment on my shoutbox. Okay? Thanks for the cooperation. ^^(Y)

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