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Tuesday, 15 January 2013
6:27 pm

Well hello there everyone! I know I know, I have been disappear for quite a long time now. But I am here now, updating my blog once again. :D

Speaking about sunburn, man my skin tone is getting darker and darker. I spend my weekend with my friends at the beach and this is what I get. SUNBURN! Nah, sunburn doesn't bother me much. What bother me is, people keep on asking me why your skin getting darker and I was like *speechless*. But they knew, they get the clue that I've been to the beach. Obviously!

Seriously, my weekend? I never knew that my weekend would be so crazy! Really! It all started on last Friday night, like always I was listening to music then suddenly someone is calling my name out from the outside. For a moment, I knew it was him. No one else but him. He took me off and we spend 2 nights and a day together. Seriously, it was crazy! Indeed!

This was taken at Damai Puri Beach where me and him play with the wave. The wave was so strong and make me swallow the salty sea water thrice. =.= It is so uncool! But still, we have a blast! :D

There are so much more to tell but I rather keep the memory for myself only. I just share some of it to the public and some of it I keep it in my head. ;)

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