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Friday, 22 January 2016
7:31 pm

I just signed up for 3 different 5K run for this year. Somehow this year I aim myself to be the top 10 finishers for every 5K that I join. Can I? Who knows. All I need to do now is train, train, train and train harder. Strike for top 10 finishers! 

For those who are from Kuching, Sarawak and wish to join 5K run, just click on the picture below and it will link you to the website for registration. 

Colour Rush Run 4.0
  • Registration Fee: RM 50.00
  • Closing Date For Registration: 31st January 2016
So for those who want to join this, hurry up and register for the run before the closing date!

Live Active Run 2015
  • Registration Fee: RM 50.00 (Early Bird)
  • Closing Date For Registration: Not Sure
I register this quite early because I want that early bird price. Save money and you have nothing to lose. 

Kuching Marathon 2016
  • Registration Fee: RM 53.00 (Inclusive GST) (Early Bird)
  • Closing Date For Registration: Not Sure
Same with Active Run, I register early just to save some money since I will be joining at lot of 5K run. These are just my starting point. 

Fitness for life! So stay tuned..

Angelene Bong
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