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Friday, 8 January 2016
6:51 pm

Good evening and I hope everyone is doing just fine. Please don't get sick and drinks plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Please do some exercise too to keep your body in shape. Health is important I must say.

Okay now I wanna tell you about my experience in 5km run that I joined in 2015 last year. There are tons of run that I join since I have found my partner, so any 5km run has become an obsession to us. Like seriously, I don't know why I am so into with running even though I can't run that far but every time I join, I just need to remind myself, stay strong and finish the run as soon as possible. Keep pushing yourself until you reach the finishing line. There, I make it. Every time I join, all I need is to push myself to the limit. It's the only way to challenge yourself. 

This one is Fit Malaysia. I joined Fit Malaysia on 12th April 2015. This event was for free. How can you not join this one since it's free and open to everyone? Free I'm telling you! Free! So that's why I asked my friend whether she wants to join it or not since I always have the trouble to find a running partner. Ever since I ask her, she becomes addicted just the same way as I am. Wow, just wow. So I choose 5km run with her. There was 10km run as well, and bicycle marathon. I have no bicycle so I just go with 5km run. 10km? Still have long way to go.

This is the second 5km run I joined and it was called Rat Race Run. I joined this 5km run on 1st May 2015. Yes, it was during labour day. That's why you can see the slogan at the back of my shirt "Born to run, forced to work!". Awesome run I'm telling you.

This one is Kuching Marathon but I only go for 5km run. Like seriously, I'm not a pro in running yet. If I choose that full marathon, I would be dead before I can reach the finishing line. I can't remember how long was the full marathon. 21km? No, 30km? I just can't remember. Because I was only focus on my 5km run. Too bad though.

Tribal Run! This one is my favourite. I love the T-shirt a lot because of the pattern on it. Tribal, I love tribal! I still remember that day, me and her almost give up in joining this run because it was raining and we both don't wanna get sick and Thank God, by the time the race wanna start, the rain started to stop. Last minute we join in the run and it was worth the wait.

This is my favourite event among all! I join this Monster Dash since it was first launch in 2013. This one was the third one. That's why it was called Monster Dash 3.0. Seriously, this was the only 5km run which held at night. It's for Halloween celebration I guess and at the same time raised charity fund for those in need. I seriously adore this charity run because the theme is all about monster and ghost. How can you resist it? Plus, you run at night time and bump into some "ghost" and you will be like, Hey let's take a selfie! No kidding!

Last but not least, The SSPCA Animazing Race. Too bad though this race was cancel due to heavy haze last year. What a shame. Hmm. They asked all of the participants to collect their medals because the race just can't be held as schedule since the haze just too think and might cause serious health problem. Hmm.. health is more important than this race so I guess I'm okay with it.

These are the medals that I collected all through 2015. Even myself was amazed with my achievements, Yeay me!

Bib numbers for each 5km run I joined. Must keep them since they mean a lot to me.

I bet everyone must wonder why my body still out of shape even when I join a lot of 5km runs. I also did some workouts and weight lifting but my body still remain the same. Well, it is because I don't eat clean. I eat whatever I want and don't have self-disciplined on what I eat. Oh well, that temptation just too strong. I just need to eat, everything. 

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