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Thursday, 17 March 2016
6:55 am

Okay, what is your first impression about Prom Night? Is it bad? Or is it something good? Well, to me, Prom Night is the day where you can doll up and be a princess for a day, or maybe a Queen, Hmm, a Queen sounds more powerful, so I choose to be a Queen instead. It just my nature though. Well, it's up to you anyway. Okay, back to the topic, in prom night you attract everyone's attention by wearing that long prom dress that you have bought after a hard choose. Yes, that's me alright. I definitely will give myself a headache when it comes to a long prom dress since you just can's choose which one to buy. Well, if you want to hear my advice on what to wear. Easy, just follow your heart. Know yourself better. Know your flaws and your everything and let the long prom dress does the magic trick on you.

Here I have include the basic types of long prom dress. So please, take a look at the three long prom dress designs which will make you feel that elegance in you and let you shine all night long.

The Tulle

For the girls who want to feel like a Disney princess, tulle skirt dresses will definitely bring out your sweet innocence to others. Appear elegant and match the tulle skirt dress with a nice pair of strappy high heels and accessories. Twirl around in your fascinating dress and feel like a little girl again.

The Classic

Girls who want to show off a poise mature side of them can go for the classic black dress. It is easier to accessorize and you will never look out of place. Mix match it with statement pieces for a glamorous appeal or look stylishly effortless with a simple touch of a necklace. Flaunt it with confidence and be the center of attention.

Tube dress

For the ladies who aim to stand out in the crowd on prom night, tube dresses will definitely make you the center of attention. Reveal a little skin at the shoulder area, pull your hairdo up and show off your fascinating appearance with style.

Angelene Bong
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